When will canned oysters be sold again?

Answer when did they ban them. they can't ban them all. I looked it up, it's only gulf raw oyster. Can ones should still be available. the ban is over too.

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When will canned oysters and oyster stew be sold again?

You could buy some fresh oysters and make some fresh soup until they become available again...........

When will canned oysters and campbells oyster stew be sold again?

If you have any large sized Asian grocery stores, they some times sell frozen oyster meat, I buy it here in Canada, I live in Toronto ON and alot of the local stores have them I find there nice, ea... Read More »

Can you use canned oysters without cooking them?

Federal regulations require packers to prepare oysters by steaming or blanching before canning, so you can eat canned oysters without further cooking. Some risk of foodborne illness remains, but at... Read More »

When will oysters be back on shelves?

It is only frozen oysters from certain shuckers in korea. The other ones are safe, and any fresh local ones are safe as well.