When will an insurance company total your car?

Answer Auto insurance companies define a totaled automobile as one that's been damaged to such an extend that repair costs would exceed its worth. In such cases, your insurer will pay you the cash value o... Read More »

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What do you do when the at-fault vehicle's insurance will not pay you for your totaled vehicle because the insurance company has already paid for other vehicles damaged in an accident?

Based on your question, I'm guessing that their policyholder simply didn't have enough coverage to pay for all the damage to all the vehicles involved. I would have to know a little bit more about ... Read More »

If you total your car in a accident can a insurance company pay below low blue book?

Answer Each situation is different and there is no definite answer to this because there is no stardard but Yes there is a possibility.

Will your premiums go up when you tell your insurance carrier that you are required to transport company property to and from work sites?

You did not mention in this question where your location may be, so the best thing to do is to call them or to find their website. There, you could most likely find the closest RAC motor insurance ... Read More »

Must you reimburse your insurance company for medical bills paid on your behalf when you get a settlement from the other insurance company even though youve been paying premiums to cover medical costs?

Answer normaly yes, many people dont. you can wait it out, see if they ever catch on. if not go buy some shoes, if they do, which usually takes at least a year, get ready to return the shoes. even... Read More »