When will Verizon sell you phones?

Answer not that im aware of. Apple currently offeres iphones in black and white and theres no news on their website about different color being available. You can always buy some pink cover on the phone ... Read More »

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Does Verizon sell Rapture Insurance on their phones?

Probably not, but they DO guarantee that Vcast Music will be working during the Rapture, so you can listen to that one REM song while the world's going bat**** insane, if ya want..

Does Verizon use GSM phones?

For the most part Verizon Wireless offers CDMA technology wireless phones. However, Verizon does feature a limited number of GSM wireless phones, such as the BlackBerry 8830. Generally, if Verizon... Read More »

Some verizon 3g smart phones?

Probably the Droid X2. thats the last Dual Core smartphone that i can remember that didn't have LTE in it.also, my wife had the Droid Incredible 2 and that was a pretty nice little phone.

Can Verizon phones be used on Sprint?

Verizon phones are compatible with the Sprint network because both carriers utilize CDMA networks. Likewise, Sprint phones will also work on Verizon. Sometimes, however, carriers lock phones so the... Read More »