When will tmobile stores get more htc hd2?

Answer Ask them to stop in a mature way. If it keeps on happening you arent true friends.

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Unlock BlackBerry torch 9800 for Tmobile mms and Internet browser?

you get the unlock code at and within minutes they will send you the code to unlock your blackberry torch 9800. They also unlock the new BlackBerry touch 9900. You will ... Read More »

Cain i activate a tmobile sim card with a purhased phone from tmobile?

yes but you would have to unlock your phone first than you can do it thats what i just did like 2 days ago

Will a BlackBerry 8300 theme work on a BlackBerry 8130?

A BlackBerry 8300 theme will not work on a BlackBerry 8130. The BlackBerry 8130, also known as the Pearl, has a significantly smaller screen size than the BlackBerry 8300, also known as the Curve.S... Read More »

Will unlocked iPhone work on tmobile?

Yes it will, but it will not support 3G. It works on the Edge network just fine.