When will Pokemon Platinum be realesed in the USA?

Answer Pokemon Platinum was released in September 2008 in Japan and March 2009 in the United States. The game is a "director's cut" of the earlier Pokemon Diamond and Pearl editions and is widely availabl... Read More »

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When will the office season 4 be released in the united kingdom?

The UK Office only had 2 series and a couple of specials.--To the replier here, the question is clearly regarding the us office, which has had a total of 5 seasons with the 6th season starting in S... Read More »

When will passports be required to cross the united states-mexican border?

Most people entering the United States from Mexico must now present a passport, U.S. passport card or certain other forms of identification. The new law, called the Western Hemisphere Travel Initia... Read More »

When hemp is legalized again in the United States. will you start to grow it in your home gardens?

Probably not. I actually like to grow castor oil plants more. They look better and grow really fast. And plus, who else can say you grow one of the most toxic plants on earth in your yard?

How to Teach Gym Leader Moves to Pokemon Without TMs in Pokemon Platinum?

Each Gym Leader has a signature move that they give to you to teach to your Pokemon via a TM. However these TMs are single use and cannot be re-obtained. This is changed in Pokemon Black and White.... Read More »