When will I get my *actual* period?

Answer I didn't check out your last question yet, but here's some of my period experience to give you maybe an idea.. My first period was completely all brown but it wasn't much of a period it looked like... Read More »

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If you have sex 2 weeks before your period will you get your period if you are pregnant or will you find out when you are further along?

Answer If you are pregnant,you should not get your period.

Will you get your first period and find out on your next period when you are 5 or 6 weeks pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer I'm sorry, this question doesn't make sense to me. You should resubmit it with a little more detail and write it a bit different. It will be easier to answer your question then. ... Read More »

When will I get my period?

BJ...did you forget you were a boy? You're not gonna get your period...ever. Sorry if you're disappointed.

When will she get her period?

I dont think so she is pregnant because she got her periods after you'll had sex but have a pregnancy test done so that both of you'll are not stressed out.Regarding her regular constipation she sh... Read More »