Your fiancee just left for BCT in fort knox When he finds out when his 12 month tour of duty will be will he also find out when his leave dates are so we can plan our wedding for next January?

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What if your girlfriend is pregnant and will be 17 when she gives birth and you will be 19 and her parents are OK with it and not mad. should you still be worried about statutory rape charges?

Depends on what the law in your state say. They don't care about when she gives birth, they care about when you had sex since that is the crime. The parents might be OK with it but if it is statuto... Read More »

How to React when You Find Your Girlfriend Naked in Bed With Another Guy?

Have you ever wondered what to do when you catch your girlfriend in bed with someone else? Here's how you handle it.

How can you find out when a tv show will be aired?

When will i find out what fafsa has awarded me?

There is no specific date by which you should know the financial aid amount awarded. FAFSA communicates the results of your application to your school of choice. The school financial aid office an... Read More »