When will I feel movement of my baby in the womb?

Answer Babies begin to move as early as 13 to 16 weeks into a pregnancy, however, it varies between 13 to 25 weeks when a mother will feel the first movement. First-time mothers usually do not feel moveme... Read More »

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Where is the bowel movement of a baby while their still in the womb?

When can you feel the baby moving in the womb?

First time Mums usually feel the baby moving from about 20 weeks, second time around you may feel it earlier, 16-17 weeks. Slender women will probably feel it before their better padded sisters.

What does a baby kicking inside the womb feel like?

The description of what it feels like when a baby is moving around in the womb differs for different women. In general, the sensation has been described as butterflies flitting about, or kernels o... Read More »

Why does it feel like your unborn baby is fitting sometimes as opposed to slower irregular movement at 22 weeks gestation?

Answer I'm not sure what you mean by "fitting", but sometimes irregular or spasmatic movements can be caused by the baby having hiccups, or maybe the baby just has a short burst of energy. If you ... Read More »