How to Get Ungrounded?

Answer Ever been grounded before? Want to be ungrounded? Read on...

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How can I get ungrounded so I can get my hair done?

You may just have to deal with it. But if your mom is for it like you say, then it shouldn't be a problem. Simply state what you want to ask. Instead of saying 'Mom, can I go get my hair done?' say... Read More »

How to Ground an Ungrounded Kid?

Grounding kids is similar to grounding outlets. If your outlet doesn't have three prongs like this, it's not grounded.Your child needs to have three "prongs" connected; his voice, his heart, and hi... Read More »

How to Ground an Ungrounded Electrical Outlet?

If you live in a really old house, you might have ungrounded electrical outlets. These are outlets that have only two prongs in them, as opposed to the three-pronged outlets, which have been standa... Read More »

How to Replace Ungrounded Receptacles With GFCIs?

Article 406.3 of the National Electrical Code, beginning with the 2005 Revision, allowed GFCI receptacles to be used on ungrounded receptacle circuits. Replacing an ungrounded receptacle with a GFC... Read More »

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