When refinancing a home will they ask you to make repairs on the home?

Answer not usually...if they require an appraisal for the new loanthey will come out and appraise the home and they will value it as it is

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If your college bound daughter will be driving your cars only when she is home on holidays can you delete her from your auto policy to reduce premiums but still get coverage when she is home?

Answer Let me start by assuring you I am a mechanic, not an agent. But in the same situation, I found that All-State saved me a lot of money.

Im 36 weeks and dilated to 1 will I last to full term My husbands in Iraq and will be home in 4 weeks when im supposed to be due and I really need him to be here?

While I can't give you any guarantees that you won't go into labor before your wonderful husband returns, being 1cm dilated is not at all unusual for a pregnant woman. This is especially so if it i... Read More »

If i am not home when a packaged is delivered where will it go?

If you didn't include any instructions about that situation, then they'll take it away, leaving you a note telling you where and when you can go to pick it up. Take ID.

When will skatoony home game coming?

Bob Barker was born on December 12, 1923.