How to Become Financially Stable in Six Months?

Answer In any economy, it's important to be financially stable. However, with household expenses, food costs and other expenses that mount up daily, it's often hard to make that happen unless you create a... Read More »

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Is being financially stable the best indicator of being ready for children?

You can easily raise a child in the US with both parents working 40 hour weeks at minimum wage. I dunno what everyone's problem is. If you can't afford your current lifestyle, change it. Move to a ... Read More »

How do you make sure your mother gets custody of your daughter if you were to die instead of her father and stepmother who are not financially stable?

Answer There is no way the legal father won't get custody if you die first. Unless it can be proven by your mother that the child is living in physical, mental, or emotional abuse. Or the father si... Read More »

How stable is burning photos onto blu-ray is it more stable storage than DVD?

yes sometimes... before it goes on the menu it does , and when it gets on to the menu if there is something moving in the back ground ( clip of the video or an animation ) , then yes however if not... Read More »

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