When will I be 7 months if I'am 27 weeks right now?

Answer in one week you foolyou will be 7 months in a week

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Are you eligible for disability leave if you start a new job when six months pregnant and will only work 10 weeks before you take off?

The answer depends on when your coverage became effective. Most plans are effective after a time frame (ex: the 1st month following your date of hire, etc.). In order to be eligible your coverage w... Read More »

Im 36 weeks and dilated to 1 will I last to full term My husbands in Iraq and will be home in 4 weeks when im supposed to be due and I really need him to be here?

While I can't give you any guarantees that you won't go into labor before your wonderful husband returns, being 1cm dilated is not at all unusual for a pregnant woman. This is especially so if it i... Read More »

What will happen to you if you have been bleeding for 3 weeks and you are 4 months pregnant?

If the bleeding is light and the baby is growing properly there is probably little concern. If the bleeding becomes heavy or you begin passing clots notify your OB immediately. I am assuming your d... Read More »

Is this right Subsidized loan will not need repayment until 6 months after graduation?

so long as you continue going to school you won't have to pay it but if you drop out you will and I would recommend paying it (if able to or if it is small) before the 6 months to avoid interest ra... Read More »