When will passports be required to cross the united states-mexican border?

Answer Most people entering the United States from Mexico must now present a passport, U.S. passport card or certain other forms of identification. The new law, called the Western Hemisphere Travel Initia... Read More »

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When hemp is legalized again in the United States. will you start to grow it in your home gardens?

Probably not. I actually like to grow castor oil plants more. They look better and grow really fast. And plus, who else can say you grow one of the most toxic plants on earth in your yard?

Can a soldier in the united states marine corps switch to be a united states navy seal?

Yes but you might be deranked or up ranked depending were you where in the Marines.

Will a PAL Wii work in the United States?

Since the United States uses NTSC format and a different voltage than other countries, a PAL Wii will not work in the United States without the proper voltage adapter and PAL format Wii games.Refer... Read More »

Will you go to war if you join the United States Airforce ROTC?

since you owe years of service, possibly...but that depends if the war is still going on by then.