Where, when&who invented the bundt pan?

Answer The Bundt pan was invented in Minneapolis Minnesota, in 1950, by H. David Dahlquist. The pan was his adaption of a ceramic-made kugelhopf cake pan, from Germany, which he made out of aluminum. Dahl... Read More »

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Where&when was golf invented?

Golf as its known today was developed in 15th century Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife on the eastern coast. While many games involving sticks and balls were popular throughout Europe at the time, t... Read More »

When where who invented the satellites?

You need to tell us if you are asking about the people from largest democracy on earth or the indiginous people of the US

Where and when was the polio vaccine invented?

The first ever polio vaccine was developed by Dr Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh in the early 1950s. It was a killed vaccine that was tested in clinical trials in 1954 and ultimately gai... Read More »

When&where were pocket knives invented?

Pocket knives where invented in the first century in Rome. The pocket knife did not gain popularity until the 16th century, when people started traveling with knives and other utensils.Source:Wise ... Read More »