When the US Secret Service was established in 1901 against whom was it directed?

Answer Access USAJOBS on the internet, and complete the application.

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How does a 20-year-old tell her parents whom she lives with that she is pregnant when the father wants her to have an abortion but she is against it?

Answer I think you should just come out and tell them. Age has nothing to do with it.Im twenty years old and im currently 7 weeks pregnant with my first child.I am living with my boyfriend and also... Read More »

When collecting worker's compensation disability and are attempting to find work when and whom do you notify of employment?

Morbidity table (similiar to mortality table like CSO 1953-58, CSO 1980 etc)

When and by whom was ink invented?

The first ink writings are said to have been invented by the Chinese. A Chinese philosopher named Tien-Lcheu invented ink in 2697 B.C. This ink was made from a mixture of many natural things and wo... Read More »

When was eBay created& by whom?

EBay, the world's most popular auction website, was founded in September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. Omidyar, who is French-born and of Iranian descent, grew up in the United States and studied compute... Read More »