When were you last stung by a nettle?

Answer Last summer. In my job, stinging nettles are an occupational hazard.

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I got stung by a nettle 2 hours ago and it's still hurting?

A paste made with baking soda might help temporarily.Ask your pharmacist for an antihistamine cream. there are also antihistamine tablets sold in pharmacies.If, in spite of the cream the pain get... Read More »

Difference sting nettle and nettle root?

The root is the one you need for prostate hypertrophy. The aerial parts have some action but not enough.

How to Get Rid of Dead Nettle?

Dead nettle is a low-growing annual weed with medium green, textured foliage and tiny lavender blooms. The seeds sprout in fall and grow slowly throughout winter months. When the weather warms in s... Read More »

Are you a flower or a Nettle?

a big handsome black tulip (even thou i am white)