When were water guns invented?

Answer The oldest documented water gun was patented in 1896. In the 1970s, water guns utilizing external air pumps appeared. Lonnie Johnson, a NASA scientist, patented the first pneumatic water rifle in 1... Read More »

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When were water spouts invented?

Water spouts, also known as rain gutters, were invented by the ancient Romans, who introduced the devices to Europe about 47 A.D. Prior to the end of the 19th century, the majority of gutters were ... Read More »

When were water towers invented?

According to Iowa State University, the first "elevated steel water tank west of the Mississippi River" was built in 1897. Other early water towers can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution,... Read More »

When were stun guns made?

The Taser stun gun was invented in 1974 by Jack Cover, a NASA physicist. Inspired by news reports of a man who accidentally stumbled upon an electric fence and survived the incident, Cover named hi... Read More »

When were guns sold by Sears?

Sears Roebuck sold guns and firearms from 1892 to 1988. They sold them under many names, including T. Barker, American Bar Lock, Berkshire, Ranger, Triumph, Sam Holt, Gladiator and Sears.Source:Gun... Read More »