When were wall hung toilets invented?

Answer The first wall-mounted, or cantilever, toilet was installed in 1890. It is not known who invented this type of toilet bowl. Although improvements in technology and aesthetics have been made, the ba... Read More »

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Do back to wall toilets require any wall mounting frames?

it is called a toilet flange, comes up Thur the floor the toilet bolts to it, with a wax ring the cistern is what we call a sewer connection

How High Should Art Be Hung on the Wall?

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At what height should wall sconces be hung?

Wall sconces come in three different types: upswept, downswept and center mount. The best height to mount a sconce depends on its type, but typically sconces get mounted at eye-level or roughly 5-f... Read More »

Why Are Barn Stars Hung on the North Wall?

The tradition of adding a star to adorn a barn has its roots in Europe, where swastikas and other embellishments adorned ancient buildings. In America, they were used by early Pennsylvania settlers... Read More »