When were video surveillance cameras invented?

Answer Video surveillance cameras were conceived around the year 1965. The first surveillance cameras utilized closed-circuit technology, and were used by police departments to monitor public locations. V... Read More »

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Who invented surveillance cameras?

The surveillance camera was first used by German scientist Walter Bruch during World War II, as he used a cable system to observe the launches of rockets from a safe distance.Source:JBCGSI Security... Read More »

Who invented video cameras and when?

The 1930s was the earliest date with the BBC doing work. The earliest video cameras were those of John Logie Baird, based on the electromechanical Nipkow disk and used by the BBC in experimental br... Read More »

What does AES mean on surveillance cameras?

AES stands for Atlantic Electronic Surveillance. This is the name of a surveillance technology company that produces spy cameras, GPS trackers, phone tapping accessories, disguised recording device... Read More »

Do it Yourself Surveillance Cameras?

A possible caution to keep your premises safe from criminal break-ins is installing surveillance cameras to monitor all activities within your premises. Thugs tend to avoid premises that are under ... Read More »