When were the ten commandments written?

Answer The exact date of when the Ten Commandments were written is unknown, but they were written to the people of Israel about 50 days after they came out of Egypt. According to the New Living Translatio... Read More »

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When were the Ten Commandments received?

Moses received the Ten Commandments from God on the top of Mount Sinai when the Israelites were living in the wilderness after leaving Egypt. The set of moral imperatives include such laws as "Thou... Read More »

When were the ten commandments removed from the courts?

The Ten Commandments have been removed from court documents and public spaces as a constitutional violation of the separation of church and state. However, the time of their removal has varied from... Read More »

When were the first of aesop's fables written?

Aesop was born about 620 B.C, somewhere near Greece, though the exact location is unknown. After being granted freedom from slavery, Aesop began to tell his fables while traveling. Aesop did not ... Read More »

When were the child labor laws written?

Established in Massachusetts in 1836, the first child labor law required factory workers under the age of 15 to go to school for three months a year. In 1938, the federal government passed the Fair... Read More »