When were the statues on Easter Island built?

Answer There are close to 900 large, ancient stone statues on Easter Island, known as the Mokai. With the help extensive research and carbon dating techniques, it is believed that these statues were erect... Read More »

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How were the Easter Island statues made?

The mystery of the infamous Easter Island stone statues lies in their creation. While no one can be sure how the statues on Easter Island were made or transported, certain theories have taken the f... Read More »

When were the Mayan pyramids built?

Mayan pyramids were constructed near the beginning of the Mayan Golden Age, otherwise known as the Classic Period. The discovery of dates carved into Mayan monuments have led archaeologists to sugg... Read More »

When were the Great Pyramids built?

There is debate amongst scholars over exactly when the Great Pyramid of Giza and its two companion pyramids were built, but it is certain that they were built during the so-called Old Kingdom perio... Read More »

When were Disneyland& Disney World built?

Disneyland, which opened in 1955, was conceived and built by Walt Disney, who wanted to provide high-quality family experiences after having difficulty finding something to do with his daughters on... Read More »