When were the sony dr-9 headphones made not where WHEN?

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When were headphones made?

firtly ur become a mem and then thingy

Where are sony headphones made?

There is not really a way to fix blown earbuds unless you order new parts because they are just blown out. Its not like you could pop something back in to make it work again. With all the trouble o... Read More »

Where were the headphones made?

Yes, but you'll also need some type of an amplifier. The outputs on the cable box don't have enough output to drive a set of headphones very loudly, if at all depending on the type of headphones y... Read More »

How do you fix sony headphones when the left earphone has become silent?

Your best chances of repair are if you contact Sony and ask them. If This problem is only happening when you use the headphones on one device such as an iPod, the circuit in the device may be damag... Read More »