When were the laws of cricket drawn up?

Answer The first "Official Laws of Cricket" were devised at the Star and Garter pub in the Pall Mall area of Westminster, London, on Feb. 25, 1774. These six basic laws were adopted throughout England by... Read More »

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I was extremely upset and my hands were drawn up, my legs went numb from the knees down, my lips were drawn up?

If you were that upset, how did you possess the state of mind to look at what your lips were doing, and especially what your eyes were doing? Sometimes people who are upset get into fetal position... Read More »

Cricket Laws & Rules?

The game of cricket dates back to 1700 and has been governed by laws and rules that have changed little. The Marylebone Cricket Club revised the rules in 1788 and has been responsible for implement... Read More »

Will a cricket eat a dead cricket?

Crickets can be cannibalistic, and will readily eat dead and living insects--including other crickets. When keeping feeder crickets, it is important to remove any dead crickets to prevent others fr... Read More »

What does a map drawn to scale mean?

A map that is drawn to scale indicates that every portion of the map is scaled down proportionally. This is necessary to ensure that the map accurately represents what an area looks like.Source:Kid... Read More »