When were the first safety razors invented?

Answer King Gillette is generally credited with inventing the first safety razor. He received a patent for the Kampfe Star safety razor in 1901. According to, the U.S. Patent Office issu... Read More »

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When were safety goggles invented?

Safety goggles were invented in 1960 by Francis J. Gurtowski. He received a United States patent on March 19, 1963, which assigned the rights of the patent to The Electric Storage Battery Co. of Ph... Read More »

When was brass used in safety razors?

Brass was first used in the rudimentary safety razor invented by King Camp Gillette shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. Brass has continued to be used in the manufacture of safety razo... Read More »

What year were disposable razors first introduced?

Disposable razors were invented in 1901 by William Nickerson and King Camp Gillette, of Gillette Razor fame. The first completely disposable or throw-away razor was made in 1975 by Baron Bich, crea... Read More »

When were ovens first invented?

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