When were the first disposable lighters invented?

Answer The first disposable lighter was invented in 1972 by the S. T. Dupont Company, an affiliate of Gillette. Later in 1973, BIC introduced a disposable lighter that was capable of 3,000 lights, accord... Read More »

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When did disposable lighters come out?

The Dupont Co. invented the first disposable lighter in 1972. One year later, the BIC Corp. began manufacturing a disposable lighter that could be ignited more than 3,000 times before running out o... Read More »

When were disposable cups invented?

Lawrence Luellen invented the first disposable cups, in the form of paper cups, in 1907. Luellen and his partner popularized the disposable cup, and their business eventually became the Dixie Cup c... Read More »

When were disposable diapers invented?

While the origins of the first disposable diaper are unknown, the invention of the first effective disposable diaper occurred in 1950. Marion Donovan's diaper consisted of a cover made from a plast... Read More »

When were disposable shoe covers invented?

According to FreePatentsOnline, these protective accessories trace their origin to the disposable foot slipper patented by Olive G. France on Feb. 3, 1953. This invention led to related products in... Read More »