When were the first contact lenses invented?

Answer Although Leonardo da Vinci first thought of the idea of corrective lenses worn directly on the eye in 1508, contact lenses were not actually produced then. Glassblower F.A. Muller produced the firs... Read More »

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When were colored contact lenses invented?

Colored contact lenses originated in 1981 by a company known as Ciba Vision. Inspired by the development of soft lenses in the late 1970s, Ciba Vision developed the first visibly tinted soft lenses... Read More »

When were contact lenses developed?

In 1887, a man named F.A. Muller created the first known contact lens, made of glass. In 1936 an optometrist developed contact lenses made with plastic. By 1948 contact lenses were manufactured com... Read More »

I put my contact lenses on for the first time now when will the redness go away?

If you took them out of the little package without rinsing them with additional solution this could cause the redness. You could also be allergic to the type of plastic in the lenses. Best bet is t... Read More »

When was the first contact lens invented?

According to, Leonardo da Vinci is credited with first sketching and describing the idea of contact lenses. However, English astronomer Sir John Herschel came up with the idea of maki... Read More »