When were the first braces invented?

Answer The first orthodontic braces were invented in 1819, by Christophe-François Delabarre. It was referred to as a wire crib and was crude by today's standards. Gum elastics were introduced in 1843.Sou... Read More »

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When were puppets first invented?

Scholars have been unable to pinpoint the exact origin of puppets, but the earliest evidence of puppetry was in approximately the first millenium BC. Puppets were used in India during that time to ... Read More »

When were ovens first invented?

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When were laptops first invented?

The first laptop ever invented, in 1976, was the Xerox NoteTaker. It was designed by Alan Key, Adele Goldberg, Douglas Fairbairn, and Larry Tesler. It weighed 48 1/2 lbs. It came with a floppy disk... Read More »

When were drums first invented?

Humans have been using drums throughout recorded history, and perhaps even before that. Evidence of drumming can be found as far back as 6000 BC. In primitive times, logs were hollowed out and used... Read More »