When were the Jesuits expelled from Russia?

Answer According to Goa Jesuits, the Jesuits were expelled from Russia by an order from Czar Alexander I in 1820. The Society of Jesus had survived in the Empire from 1773 until the restoration in 1814.So... Read More »

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Can you breathe in someone else's expelled air?

You're fine. The CO2 that is expelled from the lungs after a breath is dispersed rapidly and you most likely did breath in enough to hurt you. Even if you did, breathing Oxygen soon afterwards woul... Read More »

What does expelled from school mean?

A student expelled from school is forced to leave a school system by the administration and not allowed to return either for the rest of the academic year or permanently. Expulsions normally are th... Read More »

Which president was expelled from college?

During the1808 fall vacation, future president James Buchanan was expelled from Dickinson College for bad behavior. However, he was readmitted to the school after making a pledge of future good be... Read More »

How may a member of Congress be expelled?

Choosing or removing a member of Congress is generally reserved by the people of the United States through the electoral process. However, in rare circumstances the United States Constitution provi... Read More »