When were the Jesuits expelled from Russia?

Answer According to Goa Jesuits, the Jesuits were expelled from Russia by an order from Czar Alexander I in 1820. The Society of Jesus had survived in the Empire from 1773 until the restoration in 1814.So... Read More »

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When sending a letter from England to Russia, can you write the address in Cyrillic letters?

Vasisualy is exactly right about the order of address which is going from top do down: 1) Россия, 2) Zip code (индекс), 3)Region (Область, Край), 4) County (район), 5) N... Read More »

Ways to Get Expelled From School?

Expulsion is the highest form of punishment a school can issue to a student. After a serious of offense, a student is removed from school for a give period of time, in some cases up to a year. Diff... Read More »

How do you get a bully expelled from school?

although he won't be expelled forever, you could try ...- getting him caught in his act- or reporting it to a teacher you trust. you can ask them not to mention your name, so when he tells the kid ... Read More »

What were your favourite movie(s) from when you were a kid?

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