How many Crusades were there in medieval times?

Answer There were nine Crusades during the Middle Ages. The First Crusade lasted from 1096 to 1099, and the Second Crusade occurred from 1147 to 1149. The Third Crusade took place from 1189 to 1192. The F... Read More »

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When did the crusades begin&end?

The nine Crusades took place over a nearly 200-year period from 1096 to 1272. The first four are sometimes known as the Principal Crusades, which were followed by the Children's Crusade in 1212. Th... Read More »

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Crusades Children's Activities?

The Crusades were religious battles fought in Europe and the Middle East over a period of a few hundred years in which Christianity and Islam both wanted to lay claim to Jerusalem as their very own... Read More »

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