When were tents first used?

Answer A tent is a very simple structure consisting of no more than a sheet or other material draped over supporting materials to form a habitable structure. Tents have been in use since prehistory by nom... Read More »

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How old were you when you first used a tampon?

I was 12 when I got my period, and I'm 14 and don't wear tampons. I've tried twice, but they just don't feel right, so I take them out. I perfer pads,soo...

When were car seats first used?

Car seats were first used in 1898. The first car seats were actually drawstring sacks. The child was placed in the sack and tied to the seat to keep them from falling off.Source:Garage Keepers: The... Read More »

When were airbags first used?

Airbags were first conceived as an automotive safety device in the early 1950s, with the first patent granted to John Hetrick in 1953 for a "safety cushion." However, airbags did not become a real... Read More »

How old were you when you first used a computer?

About 35. I had always used typewriters up until then.