When were stress balls invented?

Answer Used to relieve stress and tension while strengthening the fingers, hands, wrists and arms, stress balls have existed for centuries. The Chinese invented stress balls during the reign of the Ming D... Read More »

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When were rugby balls invented?

The rugby ball was invented in 1823 by Webb Ellis, according to RWC History. Ellis made rugby balls out of leather casings and real pigskin bladders for a local school.Source:RWC History: The Origi... Read More »

When were juggling balls invented?

The earliest depiction we have of juggling balls is from the wall paintings in an Egyptian tomb that dates back to 1994-1781 B.C. There is also an ancient statue from Thebes, circa 200 B.C., which ... Read More »

When were cell phones invented&who were they made by?

Martin Cooper invented the cell phone in 1973, and Motorola was its maker. The phone was much bigger and heavier than today's models. Called the DynaTAC, the phone did not go one sale until 10 year... Read More »

What are stress balls made of?

Stress balls are an ideal device for relieving stress and are made of different materials, depending on the maker.Professionally MadeStress balls manufactured by professionals are filled with a foa... Read More »