When were spectacles invented?

Answer According to legend, St. Jerome invented spectacles sometime between 350 and 420 AD. Travelers' tales site China as the original center of glasses but the Chinese may have learned about spectacles ... Read More »

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How did humans see before glasses (spectacles) were invented?

Contrary to popular belief they had very poor eyesight. With no artificial lighting their eyes would be straining almost constantly. For example, if a person wanted to read or do embroidery during ... Read More »

How to Buy Spectacles?

You can obtain spectacles, more commonly referred to as eyeglasses, in a number of ways. Spectacles can be worn out of necessity with prescription lenses or as a fashion accessory. If you require s... Read More »

Styles of Spectacles?

Spectacle or eyeglass styles vary by shape and color. Eyeglass salespersons often fit frames to contrast with the shape of the eyeglass wearer's face. Rectangle-shaped spectacles may be recommended... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Spectacles?

Whether it is hot and sunny in the summer or cool and air-conditioned in the office, a nice pair of rims rounding out the eyes are a warmly welcomed accessory for many. Does this ... Read More »