When were snack machines invented?

Answer Homer, a Greek engineer and mathematician from Alexandria, created the first known vending machines in 215 B.C.--urns used in Egyptian temples, dispensing holy water when a coin was inserted. Comme... Read More »

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When were portable sewing machines invented?

The first portable sewing machines were invented in the 1920s, but were heavy and expensive. During the Great Depression, home sewing became very popular and a number of sewing innovations were dis... Read More »

How did people make cloth when sewing machines were not invented yet?

The sewing machine was invented in 1846. Before this, clothes were made by hand using thread and needle. Straight pins, lace and hooks were used to tie or fasten the clothes together. Buttons and s... Read More »

What year were the slot machines invented?

Charles Fey invented and built the first slot machine in 1895 in his San Francisco home. Fey named his three-reel machine the "Liberty Bell," and it quickly became popular with sailors, who played ... Read More »

What year were sewing machines invented?

The first workable sewing machine was patented by English inventor Thomas Saint in 1790. His machine was designed to sew leather and canvas and was used mostly for boots. This design did not use a ... Read More »