When were snack machines invented?

Answer Homer, a Greek engineer and mathematician from Alexandria, created the first known vending machines in 215 B.C.--urns used in Egyptian temples, dispensing holy water when a coin was inserted. Comme... Read More »

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Are snack vending machines healthy?

On One Hand: Most Filled With Junk FoodAccording to MedScape, a 2004 survey by the Center for Science in the Public Interest found that over 70 percent of the items in public-school vending machine... Read More »

How to Make Money in Snack Vending Machines?

Making money in the vending machine industry occurs when business owners place their machines in good locations, where they are frequented by hungry people looking for something to satisfy their sw... Read More »

What snack food was invented by a Native American chief?

In 1853, chef George Crum, in response to a customer who complained that his french fries were too thick, attempted to make a french fry so thin the customer could not eat it with a fork. The resul... Read More »

What popular snack food was invented by a Native American chef?

George Crum, a Native American chef in New York, created the potato chip in 1853. The dish was an attempt to aggravate a customer who complained that Crum's French fries were too thick. However, th... Read More »