When were seat belts first used?

Answer Seat belts were first used in the early 1900s to help passengers stay inside automobiles during bumpy rides, according to the Prevention Institute. They were later installed in airplanes to help ke... Read More »

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When were seat belts first available?

Seat belts were introduced in the early 1900s to keep occupants from bouncing on bumpy roads. Airplanes were the next to get seat belts because of upside-down maneuvering. Seat belts were factory-p... Read More »

When were seat belts first installed?

Seat belts were first installed in vehicles in 1968. It was federal law and required for any vehicle manufactured after that year. Seat belts are safety harnesses for vehicles that keep people safe... Read More »

What was the first year seat belts were required in Georgia?

Georgia's seat belt law was enacted in 2000. According to this law, automobiles manufactured after 1964 cannot be sold without seat belts. In addition, passengers in the front seat and children und... Read More »

When were seat belts invented?

George Cayley invented the safety belt in the 1800s. In 1963, University professor James J. Ryan received the first patent of the retractable seat belt.Source:"Be aware of states that lack strong s... Read More »