When were psychics discovered?

Answer The first acclaimed psychic was identified in the late 1700s; Doctor Franz Antoine Mesmer was often "called upon for his healing powers." However, some people consider Nostradamus the world's first... Read More »

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What does 111 mean to psychics?

A psychic, or spiritualist, would construe the number 111 as an indication of the beginning of a new cycle in a person’s life, and a suggestion that thoughts concerning that change are correct in... Read More »

Are psychics fake?

On One Hand: Psychics Draw Customers InMany psychics claim to have the ability to predict futures and can accurately draw up information from your past. They also claim to have the ability to predi... Read More »

Are psychics accurate?

On One Hand: Not Because They're PsychicThe most popular form of psychic reading is one done over the phone. According to iVillage, most psychic phone readings are really just life coaching based o... Read More »

Any good psychics in Kansas City, MO?

There are quite a few. Go to Aquarius at 3936 Broadway. They can give you a referral.