When were plastic cable ties invented?

Answer Cable ties were invented by an electrical company called Thomas & Betts in 1958. During the early years of production, the ties were called Ty-Raps, and were initially designed for airplane wire ha... Read More »

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How to Open Cable Ties?

You closed it accidentally. Now what?Cable ties are one-use items, right? Once you have closed it, there is no opening it again, unless you cut through it. But what if you don't want to do that? We... Read More »

How long will cable ties last?

The length of time a cable tie will last depends on the material from which it was made as well as its resistance to sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures. However, a properly applied, high-q... Read More »

Who invented hair ties?

Rommy Revson invented the hair tie or otherwise known as the scrunchie. The decorative cloth-covered elastic band secures hair in ponytails, braids and buns. Peak popularity occurred during the 198... Read More »

How to Straighten a Plastic Tube Cable Holder?

There are many products on the market designed to keep your cables organized for your computer, TV, and for other electronics around your home. One of them is a plastic tube slit down the middle to... Read More »