When were plastic bags invented?

Answer The first form of plastic bags was developed and used in 1957 for storing sandwiches. A year later plastic bags had begun to replace paper dry cleaning bags. It wasn't until 1973 that plastic bags ... Read More »

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When were book bags invented?

Book bags, the ones we know today as messenger bags, evolved from the bags Pony Express riders used in the 1860s. The riders placed the mail into mochilas, threw them across their saddles and rode... Read More »

When were trash bags invented?

The trash bag was invented in 1950. Trash bags were originally used exclusively in the commercial market. The first bag was sold to Winnipeg General Hospital in Canada. In 1960, Union Carbide began... Read More »

When were plastic spoons invented?

On Dec. 31, 1974, Hubert E. Christian and David W. Lee of Phoenix, Arizona, were issued patent #D234017 by the United States Patent Office for their invention of the plastic spoon.References:Google... Read More »

When were plastic utensils invented?

The first utensil made out of plastic was a children's domestic utensil set that had a fork and a spoon housed inside a cartoon character. Patent #2,498,413 was issued to Marvin I. Glass for this ... Read More »