When were percussion instruments invented?

Answer A percussion instrument is any musical device where sound is produced by striking two things together. A drum is a type of percussion instrument. The first drums date to approximately 6,000 BC.Sour... Read More »

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Indigenous Percussion Instruments?

According to, percussion instruments are distinguished from string and wind instruments in that they are struck to produce a sound. These instruments include but are not limited to d... Read More »

How to Play Percussion Instruments?

One of the rewarding aspects of being a percussionist is that you can develop a core set of techniques and then apply that knowledge to a wide array of different instruments. For example, virtually... Read More »

Marching Percussion Instruments?

Whether you're trying to choose an instrument or building a drum line, being familiar with marching percussive instruments is important. With the combined goal of keeping the rest of the band on ti... Read More »

Filipino Percussion Instruments?

The folk music of the Philippines reflects the variety of tribes and influences that have shaped the culture of the Asian archipelago. This can be seen in the numerous percussion instruments that a... Read More »