When were marbles first made?

Answer Marbles of some sort have been around for thousands of years. Clay balls and pebbles have been found in places such as Indian burial grounds and Egyptian tombs, indicating some type of game play. T... Read More »

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Who made marbles?

Children have played with little round stones or pieces of clay throughout history. In 1846, Elias Johann Christoph Simon Carl Greiner, a German glassblower, invented metal scissors that were used ... Read More »

How are glass marbles made?

Glass marbles are a mainstay of childhood play. They're fun to collect and handle, no matter what your age. These beautiful, round, rolling treasures were first manufactured at the turn of the 20t... Read More »

What are clay marbles made of?

Clay marbles are made of different colored clay. Some colors include dark green, white and yellow. After being rolled into marbles, the clay can be painted and used to play games.References:Illinoi... Read More »

Jewelry Made With Marbles?

Marbles have always been a collector's item, usually by children who win and lose them when playing or adults trying to recapture their youth. One of the problems marble collectors experience is wh... Read More »