When were magnifying glasses created?

Answer An Englishman named Roger Bacon discovered the magnifying glass in 1250. Even before Bacon's discovery, primitive variations of the magnifying glass were used. Egyptians used crystals to view small... Read More »

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How do magnifying glasses start a fire?

Magnifying glasses start fires because they focus the sun's rays on one spot, whereas rays of sunlight come to Earth parallel to each other, according to the Institute of Physics in Scotland. For b... Read More »

Magnifying Glasses & Science Projects?

Magnifying glasses became commonly used as far back as the thirteenth century. Science projects involving magnifying glasses include experimental projects that require the magnifying properties for... Read More »

How to Use a Magnifying Glass?

As we get old, close up vision begins to deteriorate. For reading, you may not need things clearer, but bigger.

Experiments With a Magnifying Glass?

A magnifying glass is a convex glass lens. It can enable you to undertake numerous simple experiments. A magnifying glass can increase the size of objects when you look through the glass lens and c... Read More »