When were hybrid vehicles created?

Answer Hybrid vehicles use more than one source of power to move a vehicle. According to, the first hybrid car was invented in 1898 and ran on a combustion engine and battery. By 1920 hybri... Read More »

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Who makes hybrid vehicles?

With growing public concern about fossil fuel emissions, more and more car companies are hoping to meet this demand. Prominent brands that make hybrids are Toyota, General Motors, Lexus, Nissan, Fo... Read More »

Are hybrid vehicles environmentally friendly?

According to Nissan Motor Company, hybrid vehicles are environmentally friendly due to their low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The combination of a gasoline engine and electric motor contribute t... Read More »

Why are hybrid vehicles different from electric cars?

Hybrid and electric cars are two emerging alternative forms of transportation. Electric cars run on electricity and have to be plugged in and charged. Hybrid cars use both gas and electricity.Elect... Read More »

Advantages of Hybrid Vehicles to the Environment?

Hybrid vehicles run on both gasoline and electric power. The gas engine provides power at high speeds, and when quick acceleration is needed, but the car also contains a battery that can provide su... Read More »