Who invented forks& spoons?

Answer The invention of the knife, the fork and the spoon cannot be credited to one person. Since man was able to make tools, these three devices have existed. The knife, fork and spoon can all be traced... Read More »

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Who invented knives, forks&spoons?

The knife (made out of flint) has been used since the Bronze Age, while the spoon (made from shells) dates back to the early man during the Stone Age. Forks made out of bones have been dated back t... Read More »

If forks on bike get bent could something else be wrong besides the forks?

the story about how they got bent sounds bogus. Forks dont bend that easily. If a bike is wrecked hard enough to bend the forks, the frame may be bent also. You should be able to tell by test ridin... Read More »

How to Use Fondue Forks?

Fondue is good! But you have to know how to use the forks to eat it!

What are tuning forks?

Tuning forks are flat, two-pronged forks that help musicians tune their individual instruments to a standard, harmonious pitch. This prevents producing clashing, disharmonious sounds while playing ... Read More »