When were football pads invented?

Answer Pads for American football players were patented on Nov. 27, 1906. Their invention is credited to Abraham Schemel. At the time of the patent, the pads, according to Google Patents, were called a "j... Read More »

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Who invented football shoulder pads?

The invention of football shoulder pads is credited to Abraham Schemel. The original prototypes were described as safety jackets for football players. The first design was registered with the Unite... Read More »

What were football shin pads made of in the 1950's?

In the 1950s, American football players used reeded shin pads, which consisted of protective wood or metal reeds covered by layers of leather and cotton. These reeds also were used commonly in play... Read More »

When were cell phones invented&who were they made by?

Martin Cooper invented the cell phone in 1973, and Motorola was its maker. The phone was much bigger and heavier than today's models. Called the DynaTAC, the phone did not go one sale until 10 year... Read More »

When were arrowheads invented?

The earliest arrowhead is believed to be one made of bone, discovered at Sibudu Cave on the north coast of South Africa. It dates from the Paleolithic Era and is believed to be over 61,000 years ol... Read More »