When were food chains discovered?

Answer Charles Elton, an English ecologist, first created a food pyramid, which he called the pyramid of numbers. Eton observed that many organisms made up the bottom, but few made the upper levels. He cr... Read More »

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The Concept of Food Chains & Food Webs?

Food chains and food webs are conceptualized around how each living thing gets the nutrients it needs to survive. Chains always start with plants and end with animals, while webs do not have true b... Read More »

What is a producer in food chains?

A producer in a food chain refers to plants, which make their own food. The classic model of a food chain consists of producers at the bottom, herbivores or plant-eating organisms at the next level... Read More »

What is the name for food chains that overlap?

The name for food chains that overlap is a food web. Food webs can contain hundreds, or thousands, of species and can be extremely complex even in small areas such as a park or pond.References:Penn... Read More »

Why are food chains usually only 3 or 4 steps long?

The food chain is a breakdown of how nature works in terms of what animals eat and the correlation of how energy moves through stages of life.The Food ChainThe food chain is always broken down into... Read More »