When were folding canes for the blind first produced?

Answer Folding canes for the blind were first produced in December of 1955. The lightweight cane was made of aluminum tubing that was covered in a white plastic. The four aluminum segments of the cane cou... Read More »

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When were the first seed-bearing plants produced?

The first plants to produce flowers, and thus seeds, are believed to have evolved some 125 million years ago. Fossil remains of the oldest flowering plants (named Archaefructus liaoningensis) have ... Read More »

When were greeting cards with sound first produced?

The first greeting cards with sound were musical greeting cards, which were patented in 1974--U.S. Patent 3798806. They were produced the following year, in 1975. The musical greeting card is desig... Read More »

How were the first books produced?

Long before paperbacks, people found joy in reading, but books have come a long way since the Sumerian clay tablets of 3500 BC.Beyond Clay TabletsAccording to book historian Cor Knops, western Asia... Read More »

What was the first year Air Jordans were produced?

Nike produced the first Air Jordan sneaker, the Air Jordan I, in 1985. Peter Moore designed the Air Jordan I. The NBA banned the red and black Air Jordan I model, generating publicity for and incre... Read More »