When were focus groups created?

Answer Robert K. Merton invented the focus group in 1941 when he and Paul F. Lazarsfeld founded the Bureau of Applied Social Research. He also invented the terms "role models" and "self-fulfilling prophec... Read More »

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What Are Focus Groups Used For?

Focus groups collect information about specific questions that are designed to gain insight into a particular area of a business or organization. It is a way to identify concerns and what is needed... Read More »

Are focus groups legitimate?

On One Hand: The Real OnesAccording to, there are legitimate focus groups. In a focus group, you will spend 20 minutes to five hours answering surveys, questions and giving your opini... Read More »

Focus Groups for Education?

Focus groups play an important role in the design, implementation and evaluation of educational programs. Because education studies often explore the experiences and perceptions of students and tea... Read More »

Why are focus groups important?

Focus groups are a marketing and research tool. Consumers are brought together to discuss specific products or services. The marketing professionals can observe the group dynamic and see body langu... Read More »