When were focus groups created?

Answer Robert K. Merton invented the focus group in 1941 when he and Paul F. Lazarsfeld founded the Bureau of Applied Social Research. He also invented the terms "role models" and "self-fulfilling prophec... Read More »

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When were child labor law groups created?

Child labor law groups first entered the picture in 1904. This was the year the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) was formed, and went on to launch a Children's Bureau in the U.S. Department of... Read More »

How many marines were there when they were first created?

When were headphones created?

round about 1910 headphones where invented

When were air conditioners created?

Air conditioners were first created in 1901 by American inventor Willis Haviland Carrier. He did this just one year after graduating Cornell University with a master's degree in electrical engineer... Read More »