When were fluorescent lights invented?

Answer Fluorescent lights were invented in Germany by Meyer, Spanner and Germer; a U.S. patent application was filed for their invention in 1927. The application was acquired by General Electric for $180,... Read More »

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When were compact fluorescent light bulbs invented?

The CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) was invented in 1976 by Ed Hammer, who was a General Electric engineer. In 2002 Hammer was awarded the Edison Medal by the Institute for Electrical and Electronic... Read More »

When were led lights invented?

Nick Holonyak invented LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs in 1962 when he worked for General Electric. The original model produced red light. Cars use LEDs in headlights, dashboards and interi... Read More »

When were street lights invented?

The first ever streetlights put into use were on London's Pall Mall. They were first lit on Jan 28, 1807 and lead the way for other towns to take up gas street lighting. In the early days a lamp li... Read More »

Is it worth it to shut off fluorescent lights when you leave the room?

On One Hand: It Saves EnergyWhen a fluorescent light bulb is turned on, there is a small power surge that leaves many wondering if it is worth actually shutting the light off. However, the surge is... Read More »