When were exponents first used?

Answer While the Egyptian Ahmes Papyrus (2000-1800 B.C.) is the oldest known mathematical computation document that uses a type of math that could be translated into exponents; two Indian Beez Ganit vedas... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Exponents in Algebra?

Simplifying algebraic expressions is often a matter of applying inverse operations. For example, addition can be canceled with subtraction and multiplication can be canceled with division. This is ... Read More »

Who first used exponents in mathematics?

Numbers to indicate powers were first used by Nicole Oresme, who lived from about 1323 to 1382, but he did not use raised numbers. James Hume used Roman numerals as exponents in 1636, and exponents... Read More »

How to Add Powers of 10 Exponents?

A number expressed as a power of 10 is displayed in scientific notation. Scientific notation is a method of numeric representation for values that are too large and awkward in calculations and data... Read More »

How to Add Like Terms With Exponents?

In mathematics, like terms refer to the constants and variables in an equation raised to the same power. These terms, or coefficients, do not need to be the same to be like terms; like terms are de... Read More »