When were cushions first made?

Answer A cushion is an ancient article of décor and furniture. Wealthy people in Europe used cushions in the Middle Ages as chairs and benches. The cushion was considered a fashion statement as well as a... Read More »

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When were MacBooks first made?

Apple Computer first made MacBooks in 2006. A standard MacBook computer weighs 4.7 pounds and features a 13.3-inch diagonal screen with widescreen display. The laptop also has a built-in 63.5-watt-... Read More »

When were marbles first made?

Marbles of some sort have been around for thousands of years. Clay balls and pebbles have been found in places such as Indian burial grounds and Egyptian tombs, indicating some type of game play. T... Read More »

When were sequins first made?

A sequins is usually a small, shiny piece of material used on clothing and accessories as a decoration. Gold sequins were being used in the Indus Valley as early as 2500 BC.References:"Bead and Se... Read More »

When were digital TVs first made?

The General Instrument Corporation (GI) introduced the first digital TV system, designed by Korean-born engineer Woo Paik, in June 1990. Later that same year, the David Sarnoff Research Center (for... Read More »