When were credit cards first used?

Answer The first time a credit card was used was in 1950 by Frank McNamara at Major's Cabin Grill. It was a Diners Club Card, which was used mainly for travel and entertainment.Source:Credit Th... Read More »

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When were plastic smart cards first used in the UK?

The first cash machine in the United Kingdom was installed in 1967. Chip and PIN technology was introduced as an alternative to signatures in 2004 and made compulsory for purchases in 2006.Referenc... Read More »

When were greeting cards with sound first produced?

The first greeting cards with sound were musical greeting cards, which were patented in 1974--U.S. Patent 3798806. They were produced the following year, in 1975. The musical greeting card is desig... Read More »

Can debit cards be used as credit cards?

According to AARP, some debit cards can be used as credit cards. These dual-purpose cards allow you to choose "credit" or "debit" before making a purchase. The word "credit" will appear on the mont... Read More »

When were blu ray players first used?

Nothing. The laser in a DVD player is too wide to read data encoded on a Blu-Ray disc. It would simply return some sort of error message, such as "Disc read error" or "no disc inserted."